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[NEW MEMBER] - Welcome to Albesol Shpk. It is a private company, mainly specialized in electrical systems, those of automation...

"Albesol" Ltd is a private company, mainly specialized in electrical systems, those of automation and control of industrial processes, construction etc. The company "Albesol" Ltd has a considerable experience in the installation of electrical lines of low voltage, medium and high voltage.

Over the years, the company has been developed in several key areas: Design; Electrical panels; Electrical Installations of HV, MV, LV - lines.



Develops and implements projects in energy , automation, Instrumentation and Control (I & C) of production processes; Designs, manufactures, and installs MV and LV panels for electrical distribution, control and automation panels, metering panels ... etc. In addition to the above systems, the company ALBESOL Ltd offers various solutions in the field of IT & T. It can be mentioned such as video-surveillance systems, access - control, BMS, etc that have been installed at the important state institutions and private businesses (AKSHI, OST... etc.)

Product and systems offered by Albesol are of latest years and they are very popular across the world (Schneider Electric, Pelco, SDMO, ..)


Perform new electrical installations and works in repair and modernization of existing equipment and facilities.

The company is represented and managed by Dipl. Eng. Artan PULTI.

Executive management consists of highly qualified professionals with extensive professional experience. The team is young with proven skills in the application of new technical solutions. Throughout the period since the creation, "Albesol Ltd" is distinguished for high responsibility,

The director of the company is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce and Industry,the Chamber of Engineers in design, investment and construction.

In 2008 the company is one of the most dynamic companies, according to the classification

"Capital" as a result of its growing role as a leader in the field of automation and control in the field of electricity.

"Albesol" Sh.p.k. is an Albanian company at European level, protected by trademark pan- European market. It is certified by DNV ISO 9001/2008, and 14001/2004



Further expansion of the company, increasing production capacity, qualification and training of existing technical staff and providing opportunities for young talents in the field of technical and managerial it.

·         New specialized activity is the maintenance of distribution systems HV, MV and LV and also of cable lines at the electrical substation.

·         Tests and configures various control and automation panels for the SCADA applications, KNX..etc

To increase awareness, knowledge, professional staff and the introduction of new processes in the respective fields and production, technical staff participates in seminars organized by companies, suppliers of electrical equipment. Annually organized theoretical and practical training in specialized centers for various applications in energy, industry,..etc.



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