Studim Tregu

Market research is a service for which our services carry out, on the basis of very precise specifications, a complete file on a given market or sector of the country's economy.

This is an exhaustive presentation in which we seek to highlight the real position of the sector, the various stakeholders, the main mechanisms that affect it, as well as the evolution of recent years and the prospects for the future.

After receipt of the company file, our services send a suitable work plan that takes into account the company's comments and our perception of the market.


The study is carried out on the basis:

  • Our documentation centre (press reviews, sector notes, technical documents, etc.) and the contacts held by our Chamber of Commerce;
  • direct contact with the various market players involved;
  • a field investigation;
  • information collected from official or professional bodies (Central Bank, customs department, professional associations, etc.)


Once the market research has been completed and read by the client, a conference call will be held between the engagement manager and the client so that both parties can exchange comments.

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