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Tax Alert for November 2020 - A.R.S Legal & Financial Services

For information with the latest changes in Albanian legislation, this tax alert prepared by "A.R.S Legal & Financial Services" provides you with valuable information regarding:

   - Joint instruction no. 4620, "On the manner of execution of the administrative contravention for not using the protective barrier (mask), through the electricity distribution operator (OSHEE)";

   - Decision no. 836 dated 28.10.2020, "For determining the criteria of documentation and procedure for Equipment, Renewal, Cancellation and Refusal of Work Permit for Contracting Services type "C/CS", and Institution Fee to issue this Working Permit";

   - Law no. 9632, "On the Local Tax System";

   - Addition to law no. 92/2014, "On Value Added Tax in the Republic Of Albania";

   - Change in instruction no. 24 dated 02.09.2020, "On Tax Procedures in the Republic of Albania".


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Download Tax_Alert_November_2020_.pdf  (PDF • 241 KB)
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