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President of France to visit Albania and N.Macedonia

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron is expected to visit Albania and North Macedonia next month, local media reported on Monday.

In his public comment after the veto to bloc the opening of the accession negotiations with both countries, Macron said that he will meet both Prime Ministers of these countries, Edi Rama and Zoran Zaev to discuss the reforms needed to be realized by them.

Last week President of France, Emmanuel Macron, spoke to the media saying that Albania and Northern Macedonia have made progress and undertaken bold reforms, but according to him, this is not enough to start talks with the large family of the European Union.

"Albania is undergoing some major reforms. We recognize that progress has been made, yet there are some situations that are out of control. There are problems with immigration. 

My discussion was useful above all to the vision of Europe. Actually, the EU has some internal problems, but before the enlargement process takes place, it needs internal reform.

We have to finalize our reforms. If we are to continue with the reform, then we can continue with the enlargement process, as it is not enough to simply open the door for these countries. 

We have to look further at what to do with this agenda, the Process must be seen as a whole. We can be blamed for opening the doors of EU", said Macron.

SOURCE: Albanian Daily News. 

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