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Ml Money Supply Rises 3.7% y/y in Dec

Albania's Ml money supply, which includes cash in circulation and demand deposits, grew 3.7% year-on-year to Lek 479 billion (Dollar 4.3 billion/ Euro 3.8 billion) as at the end of December, the Bank of Albania said. On a monthly comparison basis, Ml money supply increased by 2.6% in December, the central bank said in a monthly monetary statistics report. Ml includes money outside depository corporations plus transferable deposits and non-term deposits in leks, while M2 consists of Ml plus term deposits in leks of the resident sector. All exclude banks and the central government. M2 fell to Lek 731.4 billion in end of December from Lek 738.9 billion, whereas M3 broad money supply fell to Lek 1,263 billion from Lek 1,266 billion last year.



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