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Interview: Three questions with Elsi Keco / MAK Albania Hotel

CCIFA: MAK ALBANIA HOTEL is located in the middle of a green oasis overlooking the National Park, Mother Teresa square, Palace of Congresses and is considered the city’s most distinctive venue for meetings and events. How do you think the hotelery market in Albania will fluctuate after the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic?

E.Keco:  Mak Albania Hotel, as well as other hotels throughout the country or in the world, faced many difficulties created by the situation of Covid-19.

This situation is still going on, and I think that based on the market study we have done, the canceled bookings, this situation will continue until the end of this year. So for the Hotel Tourism sector, this season is a failure. The situation on the coast is different, hotels and restaurants are working there, with local or even the region tourists.

CCIFA: Staff management is very important in times of crisis. What are your methods to better manage your team during these difficult times?

E.Keco Staff management has been one of the main challenges during this time. We have taken all necessary measures, creating conditions of safety and protection for our staff.

We have been helped also by the government, where we have received a war salary for all staff and we have also benefited from loans with sovereign guarantee loans. We have tried in all forms to keep all employees at work, as they are an asset of the company , which has invested for them in many trainings.


CCIFA: A message for CCI France-Albanie members?

E.Keco:  All together, giving a hand to the weaker, helping each other we will be able to adapt to these new challenges, coming out even stronger from this war with the invisible enemy.

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