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Hospitality market after Covid-19: Three questions with Eva Xhepa/Rogner Hotel Tirana

Interview: Three questions with Eva Xhepa

CCIFA: It is the most famous and sophisticated address in town and the hotel in Albania to be built according to international standards, located directly on Dëshmorët e Kombit Boulevard, in the heart of Tirana. Your hospitality and service, the comfort and security make the hotel the meeting place of the economical, diplomatic and cultural elite of Albania. How do you think the hospitality market in Albania will fluctuate after the COVID-19 pandemic situation?

E.Xhepa: Given the fact that we are dealing with a global pandemic, the development that the travel and tourism industry will have during and after the pandemic will be more or less the same around the world.
According to the well known international organizations, such as UNWTO and WTTC, Travel and Tourism is one of the most affected sectors in terms of economic difficulties. Hospitality, as one of the key pillars of the travel and tourism industry, is being touched heavily from loses and will take time for recovery. Taking into account past market trends, as per UNWTO prediction on loses of year 2020, would mean that between five and seven years’ worth of growth will be lost to COVID-19. Albanian market, being part of the global market in travel and tourism, will be impacted as per gradual opening scenarios of international borders. If easing of travel restrictions will start in early July, that the prediction data of loses will be lower. And for later opening of border scenarios, the prediction of loses will be higher.
However, it is important to note that within the hospitality sector, the city hotel should be separated from the tourist one. And such the data mentioned above is different.

CCIFA: In times of crisis, staff management is very important. What are your ways to better lead your team during this difficult period?

E.Xhepa: Rogner Hotel Tirana, since the time of its establishment, has put efforts and investment to its people, the dedicated staff serving to the clients. And again, even during this difficult time, the best way to manage our staff has been to keep them engaged and well-informed at all times about any process, whether related to the situation or not.
This commitment is intended not only to make our team feel safe about having a secure and supportive employer even in times of crisis, but also to convey to them the sign of optimism, hope and normality that we are together to overcome this situation, and it is the same way when we share the joy of the success of our common work. And we can proudly confirm that this message seems to have been conveyed naturally to the staff and are already enjoying the results of our joint work. The focus of our work during this time is the commitment to prepare and apply the hygiene measures and protocols of World Health Organization and Albanian Government at Rogner Hotel Tirana, so the guests and the staff are safe and secure.

CCIFA: A message for CCI France-Albanie members?

E.Xhepa:  During this difficult time, our message for all the members of CCI France Albania, is related with what we know to do best - Hospitality!

All CCI France-Albania members are welcomed to our hotel during their stay in Albania, hopefully in the near future. Our philosophy remains the same; at Rogner Hotel Tirana they will always find the Albanian hospitality perfectly combined with Austrian standards. Our commitment to our guests and partners during COVID-19 will be, as it has always been, the well- being, safety and security of our guests and team members.
Under those team masks you will always find a service with a smile from our hearts!



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