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High tech domain in Albania after Covid-19: Three questions with Olivier Laurence / IDEMIA Aleat

Interview: Three questions with Olivier Laurence - IDEMIA Aleat

CCIFA: An ambitious and dedicated bi-lingual Quality Manager and COO Deputy, with extensive experience in production and project management. Efectively leads, develops and motivates large, multiskilled teams to deliver exceptional standards of quality and efficiency. How do you think the market will fluctuate in the area you cover after the COVID-19 pandemic in Albania?

O.Laurence: During the last ten years, we have experienced a continuous need for travelling documents from the Albanian citizens; travelling for business purposes, school, tourism, health issues, etc… Currently we are living in a situation that has never happened before - a Pandemic situation. As we have all heard the news, many countries applied restrictions in terms of travelling since few months for safety reasons. Many forecasts could be done today, but we don’t know how the situation will evolve; it is still too early to arrive in conclusion. Anyway, we all hope it will move in the right direction.

In the current activity of e-documents in Albania, the first step requests a permanent contact between an enrollment operator and a citizen; reminding here the application process for an e-document. In a pandemic situation, this process has high risks, as conclusion the sickness is rapidly spread and transmitted between citizens. To avoid the above, all countries have taken specific measures. In addition the Albanian Authority took respective decisions which are applied until nowadays, while the future of the Albanian market for such activity is upon the decisions of the Authority, a decision to be always followed with respect.

CCIFA: Staff management is very important in times of crisis. What are your methods to better manage your team during these difficult times?

O.Laurence: Working in a high tech domain like Aleat does, has certain priorities. Therefore staff has been quickly adapted working from home. In addition, I can mention here the development of an application during the lockdown which is found in Aleat website https://www.aleat.al Creating such application requests not only skilled people, but also a good communication and coordination between all teams and departments. 

In addition, managing work processes in a pandemic situation where it is mostly spoken about pessimistic situations in a lockdown, is not easy. It requests a good team spirit, as well as a lot of motivation for the staff. Regular online meetings on a daily basis, is the best way to keep processes moving. Regular online contacts create the possibility for people to communicate not only between each other, but also with the hierarchy. Creating a virtual office environment, might be found a bit strange from the staff in the first days, but totally comfortable and well preferred afterwards. Good communication is always important in order to keep things moving in the right direction.

CCIFA: A message for CCI France-Albanie members?

O.Laurence:  Dear members, I hope you and your families are safe and in good health. It is not an easy situation, but we might use it to our advantage for potential business opportunities like; online systems, virtual systems, and why not many other ideas which might bring future collaborations between us. 

The option to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, is not always possible unfortunately. Some professionals are required to show up onsite for their jobs. For the ones having this privilege option: Home working, Yes! But let me bring to your attention two main subjects: In order to protect your data, Laptops and Desktops must be always up to date with the latest security patches. I do also recommend an awareness for all your team about phishing and the importance to protect your business.

Courage to All!  

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