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Government Reconsiders Ban of Cars Older than 10-yrs

A government initiative to lift a newly imposed ban on the import of second-hand vehicles older than 10 years following protests by affected local traders has been criticized by environmentalist, local media reported. Environmentalist Sazan Guri said lifting the ban, in place since early last December, will have negative effects both for the environment and human health, considering that pollution-related diseases are already affecting a rising number of people in the country, and claiming lives even among youngsters. Earlier this month, the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku, held a public hearing with the car dealers and interest groups on a decision banning imports of all vehicles older than 10 years that don't meet the Euro 5 emission standards. The decision is an EU requirement and has been implemented by EU since 2009. The government will try to find common ground with the groups of interests in order to comply with the EU requirements and laws on linked to environmental protection as well as avoid damaging business activities in this sector, she said at the time. During her speech, Minister Balluku said that Albania needs to meet some EU conditions for both environmental protection and other conditions related to motor vehicles. The decision has become effective starting January 2019 aimed at reducing pollution from car emissions.


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