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Dentistry in Albania after Covid-19: Three questions with Odeta Shehu/Klinika Dentare Kokona

Interview: Three questions with Odeta Shehu/Klinika Dentare Kokona

CCIFA: The Kokona Dental and Maxillo-Facial Clinic was established in 1992 and has been in the same location since.How do you think the market will fluctuate in the field you cover after the COVID-19 pandemic situation in Albania?

O.SH: The coronavirus pandemic has created a very complicated situation in our professional everyday routine. Even though we are perfectly aware that banning dental procedures is a safety issue for both the professional team and the patients, it costs our living. We have a very consolidated patient population and even during this period we tried to solve their problems in distance. The problem will probably be the prices, because all dental and medical material have recently costed more, so some it will probably be a real problem for the customers. 

CCIFA: Team management: In time of crisis, managing your team is even more crucial.Your ways to lead your team through uncertain times?

O.SH:We have a family business, so it hasn’t been that complicated for us. But we surely took care of the other part of the team, which helps us in our everyday routine. We paid the full salary on our own, despite not being able to run the business for 2 months already.

CCIFA: A message to CCIFA

O.SH: Thank you for being a part of the leadership team of our economic interests. 

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