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Company presentation: “Travel and Smile in Albania”

“Travel and Smile in Albania”- In Tirana, the new capital of beauty and smile.

Travel and Smile, based in Tirana, Albania, offers its customers dental and cosmetic surgery services managed by the best doctors at unbeatable prices.

More than 150 patients take advantage of their holidays every month to realize their beauty desires and save 50% compared to European countries. Where? In Albania, precisely in Tirana, the new capital of beauty and smile. It is here that Dritan Gremi founded Travel and Smile in 2009, a medical reality that offers excellent dental care and aesthetics and personalized tourism services for an unforgettable experience in the "Land of the Eagles".

All treatments are performed by doctors Specialized in the best Universities in Europe and the USA that operate in compliance with international medical protocols using high quality materials guaranteed and CE certified.
Painless computer-guided implantology

Those who have lost one or more teeth, in Tirana he/she can find their smile without pain and in a short time (in 72 hours) with computer guided implantology, an innovative technique with a 100% success rate thanks to a three-dimensional software that simulates the insertion of implants before the procedure.

Dental Prosthesis  from 5300 euro.

High quality solutions with 6 or 8 implants for arch for Fixed teeth without artificial gingiva and maintenance costs. Result? A smile and a new chewing, unthinkable results with a common All on 4.

Classical and invisible orthodontics from 1500 euros

Goodbye crooked teeth and malocclusions, also without wires thanks to Invisalign, special masks invisible to the naked eye that progressively align the teeth. The application is immediate and can be performed by the patient (himself).

Dental Veneers Lumineers by Ultrathin from 360 euros
Very white and shiny teeth with the aesthetic treatment most requested by the Hollywood stars.

Aesthetics surgery mini invasive with a saving of 60%
Rhinoplasty, face lifting, otoplasty, blepharoplasty, mastoplasty and all other interventions and beauty treatments are performed with painless methods, high quality materials and innovative instruments.


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