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Automobile industry after Covid-19: Three questions with Zgjim Mita/Renault Auto Mita

Interview: Three questions with Zgjim Mita

CCIFA: Since it was founded in 1898, Renault has been the most consistently innovative carmaker in automotive history. Renault, a multi-brand international group,  is known for its high number of sales and employees. How do you think the market will fluctuate in the field you cover after the situation of COVID-19 pandemic in Albania?

Z.Mita : COVID-19 has heavily hit the whole automobile industry with some manufacturers cutting the workforce by as much as 40%. Luckily, Renault GROUPE it is financially stable and has recently presented its strategy for a successful next five years in close cooperation with Renault – Nissan- Mitsubishi alliance. Unfortunately Albania has one of the smallest markets in Europe in comparison to number of population therefore the impact is also smaller in comparison with fully matured markets where markets are expected to be hit by as much as 30-40%.


CCIFA: In times of crisis, staff management is very important. What are your ways to better lead your team during this difficult period?

Z.Mita: Considering that our turnover was hit by as much as much as 90% in April vs last year, our top priority was and is to maintain our full employment even though that means funding it with company reserves.  As hard as it was, we have an exceptional team of over 70 people who has shown extreme maturity, consideration and effort in order to contribute to the normalization of the situation. As far as we are reaching our optimum numbers of previous year, we are confident that as a team we are in the right direction and we will get there sooner than we feared.


CCIFA:  A message for CCI France-Albanie members?

Z.Mita: It is important that we remain positive in such times and enforce all the measures needed to be safe. However I refuse to join the discussion about the pandemic returning again in autumn or all other negative suggestions out there. This because in that way economic recovery will be impossible, at least not for a longer period of time. It is our obligation to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of our staff and clients but worrying about future possible negative scenarios are unnecessary at this time and should not get the attention that they're getting.

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