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Anti-Corruption Network to Improve Business Climate

TIRANA - The Ministry of Justice has presented on Monday an anti-corruption network, in the framework of government’s policies for improving the business climate.

The ministry held a roundtable discussion with chambers of commerce on anti-corruption policies.

“We continue the cooperation and partnership with the chambers of commerce on anti-corruption in order to focus efforts and promote achievements for anti-corruption,” Minister of Justice Etilda Gjonaj said in a press release.

“We organized a roundtable discussion to hear the concerns we need to address as a national anti-corruption coordinator in order to improve the business climate and the issues and demands that may arise during the processes carried out by the chambers of commerce,” Gjonaj added.

“The new structure that we presented is the Anti-Corruption Network, composed of anti-corruption coordinators in 17 central agencies, including property agencies, education, health, tax and customs. These coordinators will be the lawyers not only of the citizens, but also of the business, especially in cases when they will have denunciations or clues about corruption issues,” Gjonaj concluded.

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