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​​Albania launches National Business Center

The National Business Center started to operate in Albania in April 1, 2016. This center comes following the dissolution of QKR (National Registration Center) and QKL (National Licensing Center). QKB (National Business Center) started to offer its services from April 1, which up until March 31, it offered them separately through QKR and QKL. It offers a single space for registration, licensing or issuing different permits. The establishment of QKB implies an administrative unification while there will not be any reduction of permits or licenses. Experts say that the unification of both of these institutions and the creation of QKB reduces business costs and reduces bureaucracies. Work for the creation of this single center has started in 2014. The overall reform for the improvement of the business climate in Albania will be finalized in 2017. Ministry of Economy says that besides registration and licensing, in a later stage, the National Business Center will offer a number of other services for enterprises, by reducing physical visits that they have to make in institutions, to a maximum.

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