Shkolla "Ernest Koliqi"

Ermal Hasimja 


Company Name: Shkolla "Ernest Koliqi"

Adresse: Rr. Abdi Toptani, nr 3, Tirane

Tel : 00355 68  20 18 008




“Ernest Koliqi” was initially founded as a high school in spring 2011 and started in September of the same year with the first 32 students. The commercial name is Challenge Education Group. It has been founded by an Albanian citizen, Ermal Hasimja and two French, Denis Maureny and Jean-Pierre Le Goff.

By July 2018 the school has around 420 students. Most of the students come from middle class families: teachers, professors, lawyers, doctors and entrepreneurs.

In 2018 the school was the first in Albania among around 700 private and public high schools.

Our graduated students currently study in international universities around the world, but also in the best universities in Albania. In most of the cases they have earned scholarships.

In 2013 the school added to the high school classes from 1 to 9 aiming to have better prepared students that could be able to cope with its high standards and requirements.

Currently the school accepts students through a pre-selection test. In the 2015 enrollment season the rate of rejection was 37,5 %. The school also interrupts the contracts for specific students who are not able to comply with the school ethical or academic standards during the year.

The school has an effective cooperation with French and Swiss schools. In June 2016 “Ernest Koliqi” signed an agreement with the Alliance Française with the support of the French Embassy which allows the school to serve as an examination center for the French official DELPHI exams.

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