Seed Consulting LTD

Ylli Gjoni

General Manager

Company name: SEED Consulting Ltd.

Adresse: “Sami Frasheri” street, “TID Ballkan” Building, 2nd Floor, Tirane.

Tel: +355 42 430 194


Email: info(@)


Seed Consulting is a company that ers project consulting, supervision, project management and other services in the d of transport infrastructure. Even though we are a new company we have participated in erent projects in Albania such as: “The Green Coast Resort”, “The Viroi Park”, “Apollonia Link Road”, etc. One of our most important projects “The RRMSP” project was successfully concluded at the beginning of 2015. This project developed a 5 – year strategy for the maintenance of all national roads in Albania based on performance. Currently, we are engaged in another big project such as the “ Feasibility Study and Design of Thumane – Fushe Kruje – Vore – Kashar”. Seed Consulting takes particular pride in its reputation as being a highly motivated and innovative with a passion for doing its work well and providing its clients with the best service possible.

1. Design The preparation of design consultancy services for all phases of project development, starting from the concept, feasibility-study, preliminary design and detailed design, for all areas of transport infrastructure (roads, bridges, railways, tunnels, ports, airports, etc. ..), pursuant to contractual requirements and relevant standards.

2. Supervision Delivery of works supervision services for all transport infrastructure projects conform to contractual requirements and relevant legal standards.

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