Ludovic Laventure

General Manager

Company name: M-P AY

Adresse:  Blv « Deshmoret  e Kombit » , Twin Towers – Tower 1/ 11, Tirana  - ALBANIA

Tel : +355 44 511 777/ +355 68 40  40  777

Site :  www.mpay.al

Email :  ludovic.laventure@mpa y.al


Mobile Payment

All over the world mobile payments adoption is transforming how people interact with money. Our belief is that the wide usage of mobile devices, coupled with electronic money movement, will change the landscape of financial services in Albania. This change will positively impact the economy, businesses, and the livelihood of people in fundamental ways.

M-PAY is a major player in mobile in Albania and is looking to ensure that M-PAY and its partners are well placed as payment and the mobile phone come together over the next decade.

M-PAY operates and interoperable platform which allows all its partners to introduce new service and create a new channel to interact with customers.

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