By Best Duty Free

Dasha Frasheri

General Manager

Company name: By Best duty Free shpk

Adresse: Rr. Sami Frasheri, perballe drejtorise se policise, / Qendra metropol, Pallati Vortek,

Tel: 0692024832

Email: dasha(@) /dashafrasheri(@)



1.1 Company Ownership BY BEST DUTY FREE SH.P.K is a family company, administered by Mrs.Dasha Frasheri.

1.2 Management Summary

 BY BEST DUTY FREE SH.P.K takes pride in offering the best possible know-how in the market. Our current poll of expertise ranges in different and employs capable experts. The below table shows the team that makes up BY BEST DUTY FREE SH.P.K:

1.3 Structure of BY BEST

We believe in simple structures. The result is the free of communication and quick decision making. While we respect a pyramid of decision making, discussion is greatly encouraged.

At the top of the structure is the Managing Director whose task is to continuously present business opportunities. The Communication Director is responsible with keeping all lines of communications open at all times. On the other hand, our experts weigh in, in the decision making with their extensive expertise.

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