Autoriteti Portual Durrës


Drejtor i Përgjithshë​​​​​​​m Ekzekutiv/ (CEO) 

Company name: Autoriteti Portual Durrës 

Address: Lagjja 1, Rruga Tregtare; Durrës-Shqipëri

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Law No. 9130 dated 08.09.2003,”On Port Authority”, served Durres Port Authority by paving  the way towards its viable ultimate goal of ensuring self-financing authority status and determining its independent managerial responsibility thereby increasing its capacity to respond quickly and more efficiently to port operators demands and new challenges.

Durres Port Authority is responsible for developing and implementing new strategies and projects that contribute to the progress and innovation standards of Durres Port while taking into account all stakeholders and collaborating partners involved in aspects regarding port industry, infrastructure, logistics and international commerce.

The Port of Durres handles the processing of various types of cargos such as: container cargo, liquid bulk, dry bulk, break-bulk and ro-ro. Logistic services and facilities offered at Durres Port involve both import and export cargo operations.

With over 2.2 kilometers of operational quay surface and 11 dedicated quays, Durres Port is currently capable of processing approximately 78% of Albania’s international maritime traffic and over 5 million tons of cargo.

The Port of Durres has taken major steps through strong commitment and immediate ambitious action towards the key transformation changes it has undergone in achieving a sustainable, secure and attractive port while developing pathways projected in compliance to new challenges and perspectives of the future.

Subsequent to its service range privatization DPA is currently undertaking further structural and organizational changes in order to respond quickly and proactively to constantly shifting and increasingly dynamic market demands.

Durres Port Authority currently holds the status of “land administer port” and has the right to exercise trade activities through means of private sector as well as manage and control the port  following guidelines, ordinances and regulations prescribed by law. These operational and administrative improvements are strongly supported by the Albanian government which is fully committed in facilitating international trade throughout the Balkans as a significant instrument contributing the Euro-Atlantic integration process the region is currently undergoing.

Mission and Vision

Durres Port Authority mission is to responsibly facilitate Albania’s international commerce through Durres Port, the country’s largest port, support trade objectives and provide economic vitality through balanced approach to maritime industry, tourism, water and land recreation as well as environmental stewardship and public safety.

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