Auto France Lubricants

Fisnik Selimi

General Manager

Company Name : Auto France Lubricants - Total

Adresse: Autostrada Tirane Durres, Km 6-te, Kodi postar 1051, Tirane, Albania

Tel: + 355 (0) 48 200 999  / + 355 69 20 95 957

Email: fisnik.selimi(@)


Auto France Lubricants Sha, is an Albanian Company, engaged in lubricants business located in Autostrada Tirana –Durres, Km 6-te, Postal Code 1051, (Citroen), Tirana, Albania. Company Auto France Lubricants was founded in June 2011 in Tirana. As a direct partner we want to offer exclusively products of the world renowned producers that have first-class quality. Our goal is to overcome market demand and client expectations providing highest quality products and best possible service in one place. In accordance with that we have become authorized distributor of Total and are responsible for the distribution of the group goods in the Albanian territory.

We offer lubricants, greases, solvents and speciality products perfectly tailored to the specific features of your industry our commitment is to help you get the best out of your equipment and optimize the profitability of your industrial process.

Whether you are specialists or novices in the field of lubrifications, Auto France Lubricants is committed to supporting you by offering tailored services and recommendations.

TOTAL develops lubricants suitable for automotive sector, public works, mining and Earthmoving equipment. These multi-purpose oils satisfy the most recent demands of manufacturers and international standards required in this sector (MAN, RVI, MB, ACEA, API…) whilst giving priority to simplicity and logistic economy.

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