Atlantik Sh.a

Dritan Celaj

General Manager

Company name: ATLANTIK SH.A

Adresse: Rr: “Themistokli Germenji” 3/1 Tirane

Tel: +355 69 20 24 930 / +355 68 200 53 22


Email: info(@)


‘Atlantik’ Insurance Company is the third private company in the Insurance trade market in Albania. It is officially licensed to develop such activity in the field of insurance with the official permission of the Insurance Supervision Commission (which is now called the Financial Supervisory Authority) since May, 2001.

Taking into consideration the period when it was first established and especially the current market in that period, in accordance to the law, this company has been established with a private capital of 100.000.000 lek. Such amount of money transformed ‘Atlantik’ into the first big company, founded with that big  amount. Its financial opportunities made it easier for our company to penetrate through all the market’s necessities, giving other shareholders and companies the right confidence which is needed in order to establish a fruitful collaboration.

Even for the years to come, Atlantik has always been one of the strongest insurance companies in Albania. Its financial first capital made it possible for the company to be rated among the best insurance companies, leading the insurance market in Albania and giving it the possibility to meet business’ criteria and fulfill their aspiration in this field. Today Atlantik possesses a certain capital of 756,108,491 lek.

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