A.R.S Legal & Financial Services

Rina Pero

General Manager

Company name:   A.R.S Legal & Financial Services

Adresse : SunTower, 8th floor, app.33, Rr. E Kavajes, Tirana, Albania se Policise Tirane

Tel :355 (0) 69 24 76 387

Site: www.arsfirm.al

Email: r.pero(@)arsfirm.al


.R.S Legal and Financial Services is a consolidated office in the Albanian market that provides legal and financial expertise in different fields. In the composition of it’s staff there are lawyers and accounting experts who have graduated with excellent results in Albania.

Our staff speaks fluently German, French, English and the Italian language. A.R.S Legal & Financial Services is an advisory for the small business of EBDR ( European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) A.R.S Legal & Financial Services is a member of the Commerce Chamber Industry German- Albania (DIHA)

We operate with important clients, such as:

- Saint-Gobain Construction Products CZ a.s., division Delegation-Part of the French company Saint Gobain Group. - CES Consulting Engineers Salzgitter GmbH-is an independent German consulting engineering company that has worldwide experience. - AKIN Laboratory Instruments - a medical laboratory instrument of various types, who trade laboratory equipment, kite reagent consumablesfor hospitals. - Study Care-an educational counseling agency, established currently in Tirana, Albania with other branches located in Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia, and Kazakhstan. - Renault Company-Auto Dacia-Automita-the exclusive distributor of the automobile companies Renault for Kosovo and Albania. And other companies like: CS Group, GL Trade, Big Market, Merkaj3, Ficom, FiTrade, Star Trans, Teo Construction etc.

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