Jean-Alain Jouan

General Manager

Company Name: ALEAT-Groupe IDEMIA

Email: jean-alain.jouan(@)



In accordance with the Concession Contract, the Concessionaire has established the concessionary company Aleat Sh.p.k. (referred as Aleat), a limited liability company, established and operating according to the Albanian legislation, registered to the National Registration Center on 18 August 2008, with unique identification number NIPT K82018015V, with registered office at Rr. Xhanfize Keko, Tirana. Albania, duly represented by Mr. Jean Alain JOUAN, as CEO.

Aleat in Albania

Aleat is present in Albania in 117 Service Points (89 Municipality/Communes +1 MOFA+27 Police Station). (Consult the Map)

Municipalities / Communes

The highest number of Aleat Service Points is 89 Offices located in Municipalities and Communes of Albania. Aleat Service Points perform different services such as Enrolment of Identity Cards and Passports; Distribution of Identity Cards and as a provider of Electronic Certificates in Identity Cards known as ID Card Activation.

E Services

ID card Activation (Electronic Certificates) is an additional service and is increasingly expanding to more Service Points throughout Albania. Currently there are 72 Electronic Certificate Service Points located in the Municipalities and Communes of Albania.

 In agreement with Aleat at some business offices in order to facilitate the electronic business services, Aleat has placed activation stations and operator to support citizens to activate their ID cards inside the business premises. Police Stations Aleat Services points dedicated to Delivery of Passports are located in the Police Stations of the city. Currently there are 27 Delivery Service Points in whole Albania. Diplomatic Service A dedicated Service point in Albania is to provide service to Albanian Diplomatic Troops to provide Diplomatic Passports and Service Passports to Albanian citizens. The Aleat Service Point is located in Ministry of Foreign Affairs and it provides Enrolment and Distribution of Diplomatic and Service Passports.

Central Office Aleat Central Office is located in Tirana where the personalization of biometric documents is performed.

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