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Information & Business Systems Limited (IBS Ltd.) was established in 1992 by Albanian entrepreneurs. Being one of the few early birds, IBS started the business activity right after the official acceptance of free market rules in Albania, bringing more than 20 years of successful experience in Information and Communication Technology. 
Since the inception, in order to respond to the immediate needs of a very demanding IT market, IBS has entered in a partnership with big international IT manufacturers, representing HP in a wholesales status at the very beginning of its activity and Alcatel (former Alcatel-Lucent), Cisco and Oracle. First successful references started to appear soon, like the implementation of the Oracle based application in HP infrastructure for tax declaration, a government project supported by the World Bank, which has been in use for a couple of decades. This way IBS became contact point for ITC projects, for government, private companies and organizations of any kind and size, as well as becoming a strong local support for giants of telecom and IT manufacturers in implementing their projects in Albania.

What is unique about our company is the fact that IBS is successfully combining IT solutions and infrastructure with the most advanced broadband communication technology ensuring the best quality of service and support for our customers.
Our services and products are specific because our top priority is always customer satisfaction providing the best customer experience. We care about our clients' investments and ensure those investments will have a positive impact and a faster ROI on our customers' business, helping them grow.

Our mission is to provide the right information technology solutions and services to the whole range of Albanian businesses through a unique customer-oriented service delivery. 
Our trained staff, along with their experience and rich portfolio of services, is an ability and guarantee in providing turnkey solutions to various businesses and organizations. 
We are quite flexible in our arrangements with our clients - we can deliver complete turnkeysolutions, involving hardware and software, as well as "general contractor" project management, or provide specifically scoped labor to a project.

IBS has always aimed for the best and most advanced technology and has worked in a partnership with major international vendors like Alcatel-Lucent and HP, in order to provide the best solutions to our clients. 
We also enjoy close relationships with a number of other leading companies in IT hardware/software and networking products like Citrix, Cisco, EMC, MacAfee, Microsoft Titus, Websence etc. This enables us to develop the newest, cutting edge technologies, which helps our clients achieve a competitive edge. Their products and services complement IBS's values and strengths in delivering successful results.

General Manager : Darin Gezdari
email : darin.gezdari(@)ibs.al
web : www.ibs.al

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