WTO: Tourists in Albania spent around $ 2 billion during 2017

Tourists spent about $ 2 billion in Albania only during the past year, based on data from the UN World Tourism Organization. According to the National Tourism Agency in the Balkans, the map shows that Greece leads with 17 billion dollars, second is Croatia with 11 billion dollars, the third is Slovenia with 3 billion dollars and Albania with 2 billion dollars before Montenegro and Serbia with 1 billion dollars. Most of the WTO data, in tourist costs is determined any amount spent by an international tourist inbound, including things like transport, goods and services. The figures mentioned exclude local tourism, giving a clear picture of which countries depend most (and least) on the international tourism market. Meanwhile, among the 5 countries that have benefited more tourists during 2017 are the United States, which tops the list with 221 billion dollars, followed by Spain with 68 billion dollars, France with 61 billion dollars and Thailand with 57 billion dollars. In 5th place is the United Kingdom with $ 51 billion.

Source: Scan TV

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