ALEAT PRESS RELEASE => Biometric Residence Permit for Foreigners – Service Opening & Inauguration – 09 Sep 2021

ALEAT is proud to announce that following the award of a Contract for the implementation of the Residence Permit for Foreigners in Albania entered between the Albanian State Police in the position of the AUTHORITY and ALEAT in the position of Project Implementer, the Biometric Residence Permit Service for Foreigners living in Albania is officially opened on September 09th, 2021

For the convenience of the reader of this release, we would like to reiterate that ALEAT is a company operating in Albania upon the Concession Contract entered between the Ministry of Interior of Albania and consortium of IDEMIA Identity & Security in France and Albanian American Enterprise Fund in Albania (*) for the production and sale of the Identity Cards and Biometric Passports to the Albanian citizens. The Concession Contract is ratified with the law nr. 9972 date on 27.08.2008 and amended recently with law nr. 129/2013 date 25.04.2013 for the Extension of the Concession Period & Further Improvements. In this framework, by 26 January 2021, ALEAT entered into another Contract with the Albanian State Police for the design and production of the Biometric Residence Permit for Foreigners, a Project which was then implemented in an expedite manner to be able to start the service this month.

The launch of Biometric Residence Permit for Foreigners living in Albania, in collaboration with the Albanian State Police, constitutes an important day for Albania. The inauguration of the service was attended by his Excellency, Mr. Minister of Interior Bledi ÇUÇI, the General Director of Albanian State Police, Mr. Ardi VELIU and the Chief Executive Officer of Aleat, Mr. Jean-Alain JOUAN, as well as in the presence of other High Representatives from the Ministry of Interior of Albania. In that regard, we would like to take this occasion to thank the Honourable Participants for all their precious support and collaboration to make this Project real and functional for Foreign Citizens living in Albania.

Finally, we would like to reiterate that the new biometric Residence Permit will allow the Foreigners to have the same administrative rights like the Albanian Citizens, as well as all the necessary access to digital trusted services as well as to other public and private on line services in Albania. To put in the words of Mr. Minister of Interior during the inauguration ceremony, in order for these Citizens “to feel real Albanians”.

It is a real pleasure for ALEAT to be part of this new important achievement in the benefit of Albanian Government towards the Foreigners in Albania.
(*) For more information, IDEMIA Identity & Security, an International Group headquartered in Paris, France, is a global player in the advanced technologies and one of the world leaders in the field of biometric identity solutions, whereas the Albanian American Enterprise Fund is one of the economic development funds created in the 90-s by US Government to catalyse the private sector in Albania with some ground-breaking contributions that helped the country to transform into a market economy in different sectors.

On behalf of ALEAT:
Jean-Alain JOUAN
Chief Executive Officer

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