Rama: “Albania-Greece agreement will be concluded soon”

Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, declared in an interview with the Greek news Agency “Amna” that Albania and Greece will reach an agreement for a new strategic document of cooperation. “The problems between both countries are difficult, but a solution is absolutely necessary. The most important thing is to not only resolve these issues but to take them to another level of cooperation and partnership. The relations between both countries need to overcome the past and reach a new level, the one that exists among the citizens of both countries”, Rama said. Rama spoke about the Prespa agreement between Greece and Macedonia, considering it a great achievement for the new name of Albania’s neighbouring country. “It was a courageous leadership from Tsipras and Zaev, who took part of the risk to confirm something that wasn’t easy. They showed that there is a solution if there is goodwill”, Rama said. As for the London Summit with Western Balkan countries, the Prime Minister said that it helps countries stay united, but it comes in a time that’s not very good for the EU.

Source: Klan TV 

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