Joint Projects Aimed for Albania, Kosovo Municipalities

President Receives Head of Skenderaj and Drenas Communes. President Meta expressed interest particularly in the preparation of joint projects in the frame of European Programs for the development of regions.

TIRANA - The President of the Republic,Ilir Meta received in a meeting on Wednesday two heads of communes of Kosovo. BekimJashari, head of the Commune of Skenderaj, and Ramiz Lladrovci, head of the Commune of Drenas, met with Meta in his office. 
Underlining the contribution that Drenica to the history of the Albanian nation, President Meta focused on the importance of cooperation between different municipalities of Albania with the communes of Skenderaj and Drenas, but even with other communes of Kosovo in implementing joint projects related to culture, education, sport, agriculture, and to all other fields of life.                                     

The President of the Republic showed particular interest in the drafting and preparation of joint projects, between the municipalities of Albania and communes of Kosovo in the frame of European Programs for the development of regions. 
After the meeting, President Meta published a photo on Facebook, saying: "It was a pleasure to meet today the head of Skenderaj Commune, Mr. BekimJashari and the head of Drenas Commune, Mr. Ramiz Lladrovci, representatives of the area of Drenica in Kosovo, which has given an extraordinary contribution to the history of our nation."

Source: ADN

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