Gov’t approves 4 mining licenses for limestone and chromium

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy has approved 4 mining licenses, while the expected investment according to the bids submitted by the involved company amounts to a total of ALL 87 million. One of the permits was approved for the company Alflo, which will implement its mining permit for the extraction of marble limestone minerals in the area of ​​Qaf Shtamta. The value of mining products expected to be obtained from the mining activity in this area is ALL 612,500,000. The second license was granted for the Pishkash facility in the Elbasan District and foresees the production and processing of 20,000 m3 of limestone per year, with a total value of ALL 250 million. The third license was handed out for the exploitation of chrome in the Fushe Kalt facility, in Diber area. The processing expected to be realized in this mining area amounts to 1000 tons per year, while the value of the total product is about ALL 48 million. As for the fourth approved permit, the contract envisions an investment of ALL 26 million for the discovery of chrome in the Runa River area, ​​Kukes. Meanwhile, the ministry has reported that the bidding procedures for 4 other mining areas have failed.

Source: Scan TV

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