Exports of “Made in Albania” goods towards EU countries on the rise

Italy, Greece and Germany bear the largest share of Albanian exports. The latest figures published by INSTAT show that the trend of orientation of “Made in Albania” goods towards European markets is expanding. Thus, in February, the number of countries with which Albania has experienced a higher increase in exports compared with February 2017 are: Italy with 9.2 percent, Spain with 138.2 percent and Germany with 25.9 percent. Meanwhile, for the two-month period January-February 2018, the top countries with which Albania has had the largest increase in exports are two EU countries. Compared to the two-month period of 2017, Albanian exports increased 7.7 percent with Italy and 126.8 percent with Spain. This increasing orientation of exports towards EU countries has made trade with the countries of the region decrease. So for the month of February 2018, exports had the largest decrease with Kosovo, where the decline was 16.1 percent, Macedonia -29.8 percent and Serbia by -1.5 percent. According to INSTAT estimates only for February 2018, exports to EU countries accounted for 79.2 of total exports. The main destinations were Italy with 37.3 percent, Greece with 7.0 percent and Germany with 6.4 percent. Still higher are the figures of exports to the EU countries in total for the first two months of the year. According to INSTAT in January-February 2018, exports to EU countries accounted for 80.4 percent of total exports.

Source: Scan TV

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