Business to Seek Alternative Energy Suppliers

TIRANA - With the energy market liberalization already underway since January 1, large businesses across Albania, currently using 35 kV power cable line, should seek alternative electricity suppliers as the Power Distribution Operator (OSHEE) will cut off electricity supply to this category of business.

OSHEE said Wednesday some 10 businesses have already applied and six contracts have been signed with alternative power suppliers. Meanwhile, majority of businesses are paying increased price of 11.6 lek per kWh from 9.5 lek per kWh until last December. 
Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy has announced that Albania has launched power market liberalization, paving the way towards deeper reform in the country's energy sector. 
The energy market liberalization process will start with large businesses (factories) and customers using the 20 kV power line that account for the largest share of businesses operating in the country. 

The network for the electricity supply from licensed companies is ready and has guaranteed access. Some 80 companies have been licensed by the energy regulator to sign contracts to supply businesses with electricity.


Source: ADN

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