Bid for Vlora Airport Construction Made Official

TIRANA - The Albanian government has received the official bid for construction of Vlora's new national airport, ministry of transport and infrastructure informed Wednesday.
Later, PM Edi Rama wrote a post on his Facebook account, saying: "We have received the official bid for a major investment, construction of Vlora's new national airport."
Prime Minister pointed out that the construction site will be opened until June. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy explained that the expression of interest for Vlora Airport project has been submitted. The bid was submitted by a consortium of the three large companies, namely: Cengiz Construction; Kalyon Construction; Kolin Construction.
Upon receiving the bid, an ad-hoc group will be set up, including representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, Ministry of Finance and Economy to review the technicalities of the proposals and make the following steps in pursuit of the requirements, according to the MoIE sources.
"As to Vlora airport, this week we expect to receive the bid from the consortium that is building Istanbul's third largest airport. Vlora airport will be of regional proportions," Rama said.
Implementation of Vlora's new National Airport, one of the biggest and most ambitious projects launched by govt. in place is expected to get underway soon.


Source: AND

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