[Article]Water reform, 9 mln euro collected so far

9 million Euros have been collected since 1 February, when the action on the water and sewerage sector started.  The Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Damian Gjiknuri said there is still work to be done since 300,000 more water meters still need to be installed to fully gain control of the situation. "9 million Euros have been collected so far," said Damian Gjiknuri. Gjiknuri urged the municipalities to improve work in the framework of the action, while stressing that the income collected from the action will be used to settle the debt with the Electricity Distribution Operator. "The income generated from the action will be used for debts," confirmed Damian Gjiknuri. The Director of the National Water and Sewerage Agency, Arben Skënderi stated that the reform was necessary, given this sector was involved in debts and low collection of obligations. "Families increasingly owed more debts for water supplies," said Arben Skënderi. Cities that have seen the most positive improvement from the action are Durrës and Tirana, and according to the minister, government support will be improved.

 Source: Balkanweb

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