[Article] World Bank to invest 50 mln USD on roadworks in Albania (

World Bank country manager for Albania Maryam Salim introduced a 50-million-U.S.-dollar project investment on Thursdayearmarked for roadworks in the country. The project that will rehabilitate about 55 km of regional and local roads to improve road connectivity and safety for about 80,000 inhabitants in Albania. The program for the first year of the project includes three road segments, which have been selected due to their importance in the development of tourism or agriculture. Apart from the road rehabilitation, the investment will also include funds which can be used for adapting to climate conditions associated with flooding or landslides. "The new project will focus on prioritizing those interventions that bring greater economic benefit by supporting productive sectors, in particular agriculture and tourism," said Salim. Moreover, Salim said that "Tourism development will benefit from improving roads leading to existing or potential tourism destinations. The project will also help farmers integrate into the agro-food chain and their participation in markets, especially women, which make up the bulk of the workforce in agriculture in Albania."

Source: Scan TV 

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