[Article] European Commission praises Albanian economy Q1 performance

The European Commission has kept the projections for the Albanian economy unchanged during this year and the next one, at 3.8% and 4.2% respectively. The latest report on candidate and potentially candidate countries underlines the fact that the Albanian economy will be this year and the next one, with the fastest growth in the region. The European Commission has long been the most optimistic institution in terms of macroeconomic projections, even more optimistic than the Albanian government itself. Regarding the domestic developments of the Albanian economy, Brussels writes that public debt is expected to drop to 63.5% by 2020. The institution also highly appreciates the performance of the Albanian economy during the first quarter of this year as well as the fact that the Commission itself has proposed the opening of negotiations for membership in the Union. The labor market is rated as one of the sectors with significant progress, although youth unemployment continues to be still high. Even recent developments in the fiscal sector receive very positive estimates.

 Source: ABC News

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