[Article] Albanian president: The opening of negotiations with the EU encourages us in our European future

The President of Albania, Ilir Meta received today the head of the EU Delegation in Tirana, Romana Vlahutin, on the occasion of the publication of the progress report on Albania by the European Commission. Meta welcomed the recommendation of the European Commission for the opening of accession negotiations with Albania, considering it as an encouraging, much anticipated and strategic act for the country’s European future. Considering the progress report on Albania as being in full harmony with the EU strategy of enlargement with Western Balkan countries, the head of the state stressed the importance of the approval of this recommendation in starting a new phase of the process of accession talks. President Meta said that he was happy that this report finds all political and institutional players and Albanian citizens united to make as much progress as possible in the country’s path toward EU accession.


Source: Klan TV 

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