[Article] Albania opens tender for restoration of road in UNESCO heritage site

The Albanian Development Fund said on Wednesday it is inviting bids in a tender for the restoration of the Muzak Topia road in the country's southwestern city of Berat, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to be financed with the proceeds of a World Bank loan. The bidding deadline is May 25 and construction works must be completed in 12 months, ADF said in a tender notice. The restoration of the road leading to the 13th century castle of Berat is part of a project for integrated urban and tourism development focused on Albania's south, financed with a $71 million (58 million euro) World Bank loan, ADF added. The project's objective is to improve urban infrastructure, enhance tourism assets, and strengthen institutional capacity to support tourism-related local economic development in selected areas, according to the World Bank. The Albanian Development Fund (ADF) is a public agency whose mission is to encourage a sustainable, balanced and cohesive socio-economic development at local and regional level. The ADF was established at the beginning of 1993, based on an agreement between the Albanian government and the World Bank.

Source: Dita 

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