​ AP project is more than 72.5% complete

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) project, which envisages transportation of Azerbaijani gas to Europe, is over 72.5 percent complete, TAP President Walter Peeraer said in an interview with Trend. “The Trans Adriatic Pipeline is on schedule. In terms of overall project progress, as of the end of April 2018, we are more than 72.5 percent complete – including all engineering, procurement and construction scope,” he said. Further, Peeraer talked about the progress of the work on TAP in each country through which it will pass. “In Greece, as of mid-May, 539 km of our right of way have been cleared, approximately 525 km line pipes strung, over 514 km welded, 434 km back-filled and approximately 331 km are being reinstated,” he said. As for Albania, approximately 193 km have been cleared and graded along TAP route, 186 km line pipes strung, 180 km welded and approximately 162 km back-filled, he said, adding that circa 120 km are being reinstated. TAP president said this means that between Greece and Albania, TAP has now cleared and graded 95 percent of its corridor (approximately 733km out of 765km).

Source: Monitor 

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