Albania’s two newest roads, 682 million USD more than initial assessments

The construction of public works in Albania is full of cases excessive costs and additional bills. According to the data given by the Ministry of Infrastructure, for two important roads, the Kukes-Durres and Tirana-Elbasan, the price has exceeded the initial assessment by very large amounts, taking hundreds of millions of Euros from Albanian tax-payers. More specifically, the Durres-Kukes road, 124 kilometers in total, had an initial cost of 819.7 million USD. But the final bill was 66.3% higher, 1.363 billion USD. The Tirana-Elbasan road bill was assessed as 312.5 million EUR at first, and it has gone so far up to 450 million USD. The total of excessive payment is 682 million USD, almost the same amount that Albania gives to the health system in not one, but two years.

Source: Ora News, Report TV


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