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Albanian PM introduces new cabinet for next four years - Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama introduced Sunday the new government cabinet ...

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama introduced Sunday the new government cabinet composed of 11 ministries and two ministers of state. Rama made the announcement of new cabinet during the proceedings of the ruling Socialist Party (SP) National Assembly where he stressed that there would be a lower number of ministries and institutions. According to PM, a smaller government means a greater cooperation with the party and the parliamentary group. Unlike the media suggestions or expectations, there are only three new names in the government as the other ones are the former Minister of "Rama 1" government who gave their resignation of the political deal of May 18 between Rama and opposition leader Lulzim Basha to appoint six technical ministers from the opposition. Now that Rama's party won a second mandate and the political deal with Basha ended, Premier Rama decided to reappoint the former ministers. Thus, Ditmir Bushati was reappointed as Albania's foreign minister, Arben Ahmetaj is back again as minister of finance, Fatmir Xhafaj is minister of interior, Ogerta Manastirliu is again minister of health, Lidita Nikolla is back to her post as minister of education and sports, Olta Xhacka as minister of defense, Damian Gjiknuri is reappointed as minister of energy, Blendi Klosi has moved to the ministry of tourism and environment, while Niko Peleshi who held the post of deputy Prime Minister has been appointed as minister of agriculture. New names included in government are: Senida Mesi who is the new deputy Prime Minister, Etilda Gjonaj is the new minister of justice, Sonila Qato is new minister of state on entrepreneurship and Pandeli Majko is the new minister of state on Diaspora. After introducing his new team, Rama said that although he fully supported them, the confidence would still be conditioned by their performance. Meanwhile, he also introduced Gramoz Ruci as the new Speaker of Parliament. Ruci has been the head of SP parliamentary group. Rama highlighted his government's commitment to remain faithful to the country and common people, unwavering political will to undertake reforms, courageous governance and facing any opposition to change as the main pillars of governance over the next 4 years. Rama also affirmed his willingness for dialogue with the opposition, noting that he would adopt a pro-active conduct toward the opposition​.

Source : Klan Tv

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