Albanian government to get 50m $ grant from IBRD for road connectivity enhancement

The Albanian government is expected to receive a $ 50m loan that will be spent on a regional and local road connectivity project. The agreement that will be inked with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development has just been submitted to the Parliament, while it provides for repayment of the loan for a period of 29.5 years. The draft says that the project will provide a better and safer connection between the districts which have around 80,000 inhabitants. The project is also expected to support particular municipalities for the implementation of rural development programs. These include advice on how to assess market potential of villages in order to determine which manufacturing activities produce higher return, but also to prepare investment proposals for grant funds available along the “100 Villages” program or in other rural development programs in order to address market requirements and the implementation of the cited activities.

Source: ATA 

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