75 Businesses to Operate in Liberalized Market

Energy Distribution Operator sent a letter to businesses supplied by the 35 kilovolt network, informing them that as of Jan. 1, 2018, they will have to find other suppliers in unregulated market

TIRANA – Businesses supplied by the 35 kilovolt power grid are expected to face higher energy prices by at least 10% after the liberalization in early 2018 if they continue to use the OSHEE network.
The Energy Distribution Operator sent a letter and notified the businesses that are supplied by the 35 kilovolt network that it has taken all the preparatory measures for passing these customers to the unregulated power market.
“Pursuant to the article no.86 and no.109 of the law no. 43 2015, we inform you that: starting from January 1, 2018, OSHEE will not be your electricity supplier. After that date you should find the supplier in the liberalized market. You have the right to supply from the Last Chance Supplier (OSHEE) for a period of 2 months if you remain without supplier,” OSHEE said in its letter addressed to businesses.
However, the businesses can use this two month period in cases when they remain without a supplier for reasons such as: the previous supplier is in the situation of insolvency or is in bankruptcy proceedings; the previous supplier has had its licenses revoked or temporarily suspended; the client has not managed to find a supplier in the market; the supplier is not capable of supplying the end-user with electricity.
OSHEE notified companies that the Last Chance Supplier (OSHEE) will apply the fees approved by the Energy Regulatory Entity under decision no. 201 this year for approving the methodology for determining the selling price of electricity.
The ERE methodology states that “in determining the price of a supplier of last chance will be included the costs related to the purchase of electricity, the costs of using the distribution / transmission network and the costs of the ultimate supply service which should not be more than 10% of the total cost of purchasing electricity for this purpose.”
Liberalization policy for large energy consumers has been made to discourage large customers from still being supplied by OSHEE. This policy helps OSHEE to provide compelling energy for these businesses at lower prices than the market. 

Source: Albanian Daily News

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