7-yr T-notes to Be Offered on June 7

The Ministry of Finance and Economy said it will offer Lek 3 billion (Dollar 27.4 million/Euro 23.5 million) of seven-year fixed-rate Treasury notes at an auction on June 7. The government securities will mature on June 11, 2025, according to the calendar for the issuance of government securities in the second quarter posted on the website of the ministry. At the last auction of seven-year T-notes held in February, the Finance Ministry raised Lek 3.36 billion, below its target of Lek 4 billion. The coupon rate increased to 5.86% from 5.39% at the previous auction of seven-year government securities held in December. On June 5, the ministry said it will offer Lek 8.7 billion of one-year Treasury bills. The ministry raised Lek 9.7 billion at the last auction of one-year government securities held on May 22. The average weighted yield edged down to 2.231% from 2.291% at the previous auction of one-year Treasury bills held on May 8.

Source: Albanian Daily News 

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