26,618 Businesses Inspected in 11 Months

TIRANA– Tax audit teams have checked over 26,618 businesses in the first 11 weeks of an ongoing crackdown on tax evasion and the country’s informal economy. Around 19.5 percent of these businesses have been penalized for tax avoidance.
Meanwhile, some 5,254 new businesses have applied to register in the National Business Registry.
Data from the General Tax Directorate show that more than 1,000 workers have been included in the social insurance scheme, whereas 557 unregistered businesses were closed due to tax avoidance and failure to issue fiscal bills.
More than 29,803 taxpayers have had their prior 2010 unpaid taxes automatically cleared. Many other taxpayers have also benefited under the conditional tax amnesty applied in relation to all administrative tax penalties and default late payment interests for principal tax liabilities.
As a result, the amount of forgiven unpaid taxes is estimated around Lek 18.4 billion.

Source: Albanian Daily News

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