Jacquelin de La Porte des Vaux

Executive Vice President

Business Development

Company name : Spiecapag

Adresse : Immeuble Gershwin – 165 boulevard de Valmy – 92707 Colombes Cedex - France

Tel : +33 1 57 60 79 05

Site : www.spiecapag.com

Email : communication(@)spiecapag.com


With more than 90 years of experience, Spiecapag is one of the worldwide leading contractors in the Oil & Gas pipeline sector and associated facilities.

With expertise in difficult projects, Spiecapag has in its references landmark and Green projects in new Oil & Gas producing countries.

For more than a quarter of a century, major investors and operators of this industry have been generating 50% of Spiecapag’s annual turnover.

Integrated in Entrepose and VINCI Groups, Spiecapag enjoys not only financial stability and strength but is also a reliable and trustworthy partner for executing the most challenging projects.

Spiecapag considers that there is no economic development without associated respect of the stakeholders and its AFAQ certifications are there to prove it.

Health and safety are fundamental values within Spiecapag.

Our ambition is to continually improve our performance to be one of the world’s leading international pipeline and facilities general specialists and continue to invest in our employees. It is also a core objective that by working with Spiecapag, host countries and clients can be assured that Spiecapag will respect local communities and execute projects as diligently as possible with the least negative health, safety, social and environmental impacts.

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