Peugeot Albania

President: AVNI PONARI
General Administrator: ADRIAN TOTOKOÇI

Company name : AVEL Ltd - Official representative of Peugeot Albania

Adresse : Autostrada Tiranë-Durrës Km.5, Rruga Monun Nr.58, Fshati Kashar, 1051 Tiranë

Tel : 00355 48 200 703

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Company description:

AVEL Ltd was established in Tirana on 22.10.2002.

The company has received from Automobiles Peugeot - Paris, France, the exclusivity for the sale of new Peugeot vehicles and spare parts, for the territory of the Republic of Albania since 01.01.2003.

As an experienced team, AVEL Ltd constantly provides expertise in order to help their clients to meet all requirements.

AVEL team is your advisor to offer assistance and to lead you to the best possible solution.

Also, you will get all the information with all details about the ways to buy back your used Peugeot vehicle by offering new models.

AVEL team also will help you to consider funding options and provide with insurance programs tailored to your individual needs.

AVEL Ltd. takes care to stay always close to the Albanian costumer with the latest models and the innovative technologies.

Over the last 10 years, the entire product range of Peugeot has undergone astonishing upmarket move. And this is what it has achieved: "International Van of the year" with the PEUGEOT e-Expert in 2021 and Partner in 2019, and three prestige awards "Car Of The Year" (PEUGEOT 308, chosen in 2014, PEUGEOT 3008, chosen in 2017 and PEUGEOT 208, chosen in 2020).

Quality such as elegance and driving performance have made the Peugeot brand indisputable in Albania and around the world.

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