Klinika dentare dhe Maxillo-Faciale “KOKONA”

Odeta Shehu

General Manager

Company Name: Klinika dentare dhe Maxillo-Faciale “KOKONA”

Adresse: Blv. “Zog I”, 64, 3, 2 Tirana 1000 Albania

Tel: 04 222 36 80

Email: klinikadentarekokona@gmail.com

Site: www.klinikadentarekokona.com


The Kokona Dental and Maxillo-Facial Clinic was established in 1992 and has been in the same location since. Our family dental team is amongst the most experienced staff in the field of dentistry. We have been caring for our patients’ dental health and esthetics and still continue to do the same, every day for all new patients.

Our professional team never stops learning the latest techniques and are supported by four decades of experience, providing the best solutions. We use the finest globally-sourced-worldwide products. We are here to support you in every need that you have, regarding every single problem with your teeth and jaw, from cleaning, filling, straightening and replacing missing teeth to esthetics and contemporary advanced surgery of the jaws and face.

We are proud to mention that our staff and clinic are the dentists chosen by the French Embassy in Albania.

Thank you for choosing us!

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