Imi Farma

Irakli Mio

General Manager

Company name:  IMI FARMA SHPK

Adresse:  Rruga “Isuf Elezi” Pallati Colombo 2, Tirane

Tel: 04 22 15 500


Email:  imi(@)


IMI FARMA Ltd: Leader in Pharmaceutical sector in Albania

IMI FARMA Ltd. is founded in 1994 by Mr. Irakli Mio Albanian entrepreneur with international work experience. It makes wholesale and retail purchasing and selling, importation and exportation of human and veterinary pharmaceutical products, medical and cosmetic equipment, human and veterinary food products of various usages, Local Manufacture of Pharmaceutical and Veterinary

Products, foundation and operation of medical clinics, and also publishes various medical papers etc..

IMI FARMA Ltd. is equipped with the latest products of pharmaceutical technology, which are among the most competitive in the Albanian and Kosovo market.

Our commitment is constantly aiming at guaranteeing maximum quality of service through transparency, accuracy, technology offered and strictly following rules and procedures.

IMI FARMA with its team of specialists takes a leading position in Albanian pharmaceutical market of drug distribution, being one of the three largest distributors in Albania with an annual billing of 10 million Euros.

IMI FARMA supplies

300 Private Pharmacies out of 1,500

41 Hospital Pharmacies out of 41

10 Private Clinics out of 10

10 Regional Wholesalers out of 20

We have:

Long experience

Excellent market Knowledge

Very good distribution chain

Well trained sales force

Good financial opposition

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