ICTS Albania

Company name : Icts Company

Adresse : Bulevardi “Gjergj Fishta” / Pall. Edil Al - IT, Nr. 26/ Tirana, Albania

Tel : +355 4 22 70 936/ +355 4 22 56 962

Site: www.icts.al


ICTS Albania is the Albanian subsidiary of ICTS Europe, a Group Corporation established 30 years ago, recently belonging to the French Conglomerate SOFINORD (ARMONIA GROUP). ICTS Albania was established in Tirana in April 2005. Since then, ICTS securitizes the Tirana International Airport and all the airlines that use Tirana Airport, while also has an extended range of services in General Security, Maritime, Security Consulting and Training.

ICTS Albania provides :

Exclusively Total Aviation Services (passenger and baggage X-Ray screening and physical search, cargo security, airport Id insurance, CCTV room operation, access control, guarding, patrolling, trainings, security supervision and management)

Security Trainings Audits, Drills, Quality Inspections, Risk Assessment and Security Plans

Port Security Consulting and Security Management

Security Systems installation and Hitech special technologies

All the range of General Security services (guards, patrolling, access control, CCTV and emergency group)

Additional special services such as VIP escorts, event security, loss prevention, reception and front of building welcoming services.

ICTS Albania is the only international standards, transparent and most professional, reliable Security Company in Albania, fully compliant with National and International Regulations and Clients’ Contractual Terms, always innovative being ahead of the international security trends and developments.

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