Edvin Murati


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(Born 12 November 1975 in Shkodra), Edvin Murati is a former Albanian footballer. He played for Panserraikos FC and Iraklis F.C. in Greece. He has played also in France, Germany, and for Albania national football team. Murati was coached by Luka Shaqiri. He started training with Luka at a very young age 11. Murati was picked up by Paris St Germain. He was competing against 200 people from all over Europe, and was one of two players chosen. He was talented and hard worker. What is most amazing about this star is that he is very grounded and you would not be able to pick him out of the crowd. In 2006 World Cup Qualification he scored the winning goal against EURO 2004 Champions Team Greece.

Murati made 41 appearances for the Albania national football team.

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